Flowell Corporation is a leading manufacturer in the flow measurement industry. Established in July of 1993, Flowell Corporation consistently maintains its position as an industry leader in the manufacturing of flow measurement products. Year after year, the company successfully gains new business while maintaining a loyal customer base. In fact, Flowell’s first customer still purchases its products today.

Over the years, Flowell has shown an approximate 17% rate of expansion and today provides products not only nationally, but internationally as well. Its flow measurement products are recognized throughout the US for their quality and precision.

Expect nothing but quality from Flowell. The plant is entirely automated, complete with computer numerical control (CNC) machines, allowing exact precision and perfection of every product. Supreme quality and unmatched customer service, coupled with a very recognized permanency in the industry, give Flowell the competitive edge to retain larger accounts such as Texaco, NASA, and British Petroleum.

Flowell’s products are manufactured to meet the following industry guidelines and tolerance levels:

      ASME B16.48-1997 Steel Line Blanks


      ASME/ANSI B16.36 Orifice Flanges


      AGA Report No. 3


    ANSI B16.5

Flowell provides Certified Dimensional Drawings and Orifice Bore Calculations and manufacturers the following flow measuring products:

      Orifice Flange Unions


      Orifice Flanges


      Paddle Type Orifice Plates


      Studding Outlets


      Condensate Chambers


      Spectacle (Figure 8) Blinds


      Bleed Rings


      Straightening Vanes


      RTJ Plate Holders


      Flow Nozzles




      Meter Runs


    Temporary Strainers

When you buy from Flowell, you buy quality you can measure. The staff at Flowell take pride in the quality of their products and particularly enjoy the planning and design phases of their work. They are available to assist with the building of meter runs, flow nozzles and many other flow measurement products.

Flowell- Quality you can measure.